The Kan-Apka Project was created from the passion of the third generation family business. From the very beginning they prepare delicious breads and confectionery products under the Rogalik brand. The company has been founded nearly 35 years ago and it is based on tradition and old Polish recipes. Gdynia had loved pastries from the first point opened in 1985 at Wielkopolska Street so much that in the near future there were another 6 points located in the different parts of the city.

Starting from the year 2018, the bakery-confectionery Rogalik has proudly introduced their own original sandwiches based on traditionally baked bread.

Freshly baked bread

Natural ingredients

Vegetables, fruits and smoked meat from our local providers

Vegetarian meals

We care about your time


What's tasty must be healthy too!

We know how fast the pace of living in the city is. Therefore we decided to meet people’s expectations and offer them the sets of tasty, healthy sandwiches, salads and juices, which taste like little drops of heaven. We are inspired in our work by ancient methods and love for natural products. We are proudly about using ingredients that have been cultivated in Poland for centuries - e.g. beets, horseradish.

We operate locally!

Healthy ingredients, bread baked in our bakeries, vegetables, fruits and meats purchased only from local providers guarantee great taste and freshness. We cooperate with local suppliers because we want to receive the ordered products as soon as possible. In addition, we care about the local entrepreneurs who put the whole heart into their work just like us.

We can change the world!

Maybe not the whole and not immediately... but we pay great attention to our business decisions, e.g. we introduce some biodegradable packaging and at our stationary points we take part in the campaign that promotes buying coffee with your own cup.

The good comes back!

We are proud that we take care not only about our clients. We made a decision that every single sandwich that you bought it would support WWF Polska - more precisely the seal grey, which only 30% of the population remained today (compared to 100 years ago)! By the way, we assure you that this is certainly not the only action in which we will get involved.

Our products

What stand out about our homemade sandwiches, salads and freshly squeezed juices is their unique taste. Our products are the result of experience and skillful work of hands, notmachines, which we justify one important reason - every morning they host on our table! Adhering to zero waste principle, we accept orders 2 days in advance. We want to lead a sustainable production tailored to the number of orders, while avoiding food wasting. We do not freeze the products - every sandwich, salad and juice are made for you each day.

Our bread is baked only on the natural sourdough of our own production and what is morewe use flour originating only from Polish mills.

Try out our meals!